Refuge Missions For Change


At Wings of Refuge we are passionate about people development and helping individuals find themselves and find God. Through our various ministries you can find programmes to support you through all aspects of life, family relationships, career and personal/emotional development. We help our community locally and extend that support to global communities through our refuge partners

Local Refuge

  • A safe place for people from all walks of life to fellowship, worship and grow in faith

  • Counselling and support for vulnerable and socially isolated

  • Advice and education for young people

  • Advocacy support and signposting

Global Refuge

  • Foster homes for abandoned young children

  •  Disaster relief for families in impoverished communities

  • Education and empowerment for marginalised women

  • Rebuilding communities with safe housing

 Counselling and Mentoring

We believe in talking about things and we believe every individual has the potential to thrive. Through communication we seek understanding fostering collaboration and support through dialogue. Our mentorship programs aim to help people find their God given purpose and walk in confidence towards their goals.


We offer tailored support for members of the community needing advice on a wide variety of social, legal and economic issues. This may include referral, representation, case development and signposting.

Disaster Relief

We provide immediate response to Africa’s poorest regions including natural disasters, health emergencies and the effects of war

Education & Empowerment

Through our outreach program we address the need for more families and young people access the tools and information they need to build sustainable communities and provide hope for their children

Community Kitchens

We care about our local community. We demonstrate this through our soup kitchens, drop ins for young single mothers, and item collections for the less privileged.

We also support orphanages in developing countries through sponsorship and aid